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Do you have an advice for someone you love? It may be for life or any kind of test. Send him/her an advice message from Best SMS Messages. The kind of message in which you advise someone, is called an advice message. The content of advice messages contains advice for the person which is beneficial for someone. These advice messages can really help in avoiding any kind of blunder.

Birthday is a day which marks a new beginning. A year finished, a new one begins. A birthday is a day to enjoy and to celebrate. This day is welcomed by birthday messages from relatives and then a birthday party with a lot of gifts. Birthday messages are common these days. They are sent easily via fast communication methods. These birthday messages are a source of sending best wishes to the birthday person. These birthday messages are something which shows the love for the birthday person. 

With the arrival of Eid, the exchange of Eid messages also starts. This exchange of Eid messages is the symbol of brotherhood and love amongst Muslims. With the development of fast communication methods, it is very easy to send these Eid messages. From email to SMS, these Eid messages are sent to each other without any boundaries or whatsoever. These Eid messages reflect the fraternity amongst Muslims which is held together by the force of Islam.

Christmas is celebrated on 25th December. It is a festival celebrated by Christians. It is also the birth date of Lord Christ. Every Christian on this date goes to church and pray Christ for their prosperity and health. Most of the Christians like to enjoy on this date. Morning hour’s prayer is arranged in every church throughout the world. Most of the people read the holy lines of sacred Bible. On this pious day of Christmas most of the Christians boys and girls like to go for enjoyment ride and like to pray in the church. All the churches on this date are decorated with colorful lights and flowers’ like to go in church and pray collectively in the church.Everywhere in the world Christian eat enjoy be merry.

Love is a feeling which is felt by every human. Two lovers are like two fingers. They have feelings in each other. Love messages reflect this love. Two people usually tend to communicate all the time. They send each other love messages and even gifts. Love messages are actually someone’s felling for his or her love. The communication gap is reduced whereas love is promoted with these love messages.

The best way to get rid of frustration: angry messages. Angry messages are a kind of message which is about the angriness of someone. These messages are sent representing anger. So are you angry or depressed, send angry messages to people who make you angry.

A cricket match is going on and suddenly there is electricity failure. Don’t worry, ask your friend to send you cricket SMS. These cricket SMS are a type of update about the cricket match. A cricket SMS will although boring but it will help you be updated with the match. You won’t miss a match, thanks to cricket SMS.

The Facebook is the most addictive site today. Uploading pictures to funny Facebook status, everything is offered on Facebook. Nowadays funny Facebook status is growing very popular. Uploading funny pictures or just joke are some types of funny Facebook status. Many of these funny Facebook status are very funny and the reader cannot control his laughter.

The sun has set and there is utter darkness. This is nigh time. The exchange of Good night SMS via mobile is a way to express love. By sending a Good Night SMS, we are wishing the recipient a safe night with good sleep.  A good night SMS can be either a famous quote or just a single word: GOOD NIGHT. If night pick up your mobile and send a Good Night SMS.

It’s daytime, the sun has risen and there is sunshine everywhere. A good morning SMS can give the day a good start. Some people consider sending Good morning SMS as part of a breakfast meal. These Good Morning SMS wish a good day to the person. It is a great way to start the day with friends sending Good Morning SMS to each other.

Mobile Messages are growing extremely popular due to the fact that these messages are cheap and are convenient. Many telecom companies offer great packages for Mobile messages to its customers. A day to day conversation is made very convenient through these Mobile messages as they are quick and cheap. Mobile messages are sent via mobile in a matter of seconds.

It’s 1st April. The day of making April fools. Sending Fool SMS is the best to make the fool out of others. Send someone a very peculiar message, surprise him and make him a fool. Fool SMS is the best way to enjoy the April fool day. Sending Fool SMS is something tricky and needs to be well planned.

Someone is badly injured. ‘Get well soon’ is a common line used in these situations. Saying these three words express love and pain in someone’s heart for the injured person. Saying or just writing Get well soon on the plaster is the best way to cheer the injured person up.

Ghazal is one of the traditions of Pakistan. Nowadays famous Ghazals are sent to each other as Ghazal SMS. A Ghazal SMS contains a famous Ghazal sung by a famous singer. The usual themes of these Ghazal SMS are love and desire. Ghazal SMS are although very odd but are famous in the SMS network of friends.

Sending riddles in so called Riddles SMS are growing very famous. A Riddles SMS contains difficult riddles and the recipient has to solve and send the riddles. Riddles SMS is a kind of entertainment and brainstorming.

With the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan, exchange of Ramadan messages starts. These Ramadan Messages usually have famous Ahadith and instructions for fasting as their content. A Ramadan Message is sent with the best intentions and a good thing should be shared via Ramadan Messages.

Urdu SMS is a very unique kind of SMS. Most of the mobiles do not have Urdu language. The Urdu SMS is developed with the intelligence of people. People type the Urdu words in English. When the word in an Urdu SMS is spelt, it produces an Urdu word. Urdu SMS is a good way to communicate in Urdu.