Marriage Messages

Marriage Messages

atlast it was so hard 2 wait

Before Marriage:-

He: yes! atlast it was so hard 2 wait

she:do you want me 2 leave?

He: No! don’t even think about it

She: do you love me ?

He:ofcourse! over n over!

She:have u ever cheated on me?

He:No!y r u even asking?

She:will u go on wid me on picnic?

He:every chance I get!

She:will u hit me ?

He:R u crazy?I’m not that kind of person!

She:can I trust u?


She: Darling!

After marriage…

7 Glances 1 Smile

7 Glances= 1 Smile
7 Smiles =1 Meeting
7meetings= 1 Kiss
7 Kisses= 1 Proposal
7 Proposals=1 Marriage
And That Bloody Marriage Has 777777 Problems

Telling a lie is

Telling a lie is
Fault 4 a little boy
an Art 4 a lover
an Accomplishment 4 a bachelor
and a Matter of survival 4 a married man

An innocent husband said

An innocent husband said:
I watch my wedding video in reverse.
I love the End,
when she takes out ring,
goes out,
sits in car


goes back to her father’s home..

Kareena did not marry Shahid

Why Kareena did not marry Shahid








Bcz she wanted a new surname after marriage

Not Kapoor agiain…

If we got married

Girl: If we got married, stop smoking.
Boy: Ok!
Girl: Drinking too.
Boy: Ok!
Girl: N going to the night club too.
Boy:- Yes..
Girl:- What else can u leave??
Boy:- The idea of marrying You!!

Me Shadi Sy Phely 20 Larkiyon

Me Shadi Sy Phely 20 Larkiyon K 7 Chakr chla chuka Hon

Mjhy Pata Tha K Jab Humary Sitary Milty Hain
To Kartoot B Zarur Milty Hon gy.;-

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

and May

your marriage be Blessed with love,

joy And companionship

For all the years of your lives!..