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Did you know that the first SMS Message was sent on 3rd December 1992? It is interesting how the world communicates through these messages. Now lots of new ideas have come up. People talk, express their feelings, deliver messages, and send around jokes, SMS, free sms, Birthday Messages, Love Text Messages, Friendship sms, Messages, Love sms, Funny sms, Funny Text Messages, Hindi sms, Mobile Messages and funny messages. Inspire and motivate friends, it is a great way to socialize. Follow through all our SMS topics and share interesting messages with your friends, family and all your loved ones.

May da little flower

May da little flower, laying in gloom, Rise & bloom
Saying endlessly, dis way & dat way
Morn 2 dusk, everyday. Get Well Soon.

For a nice friend nice morning

For a nice friend
"nice morning"..

For a sweet friend
"sweet morning"

For a loving friend
"lovely morning"

For a Good friend
"good morning"

Sleep deep my dear for it is

Sleep deep my dear for it is
in your dreams when I will come,
the stars lighting my way
to your heart

Good Night

San Marathi Man Marathi

San Marathi, Man Marathi,
Ubharli Gudhi Aaj Harshachi,
Saad Manachi, Haak Premachi,
Bhet ashi "Nav-Varshachi"
Happy Gudi Padwa.

What looks to b nothing

What looks to b nothing
Finally that becomes everything..
And what is Everything
Suddenly changes to nothing..
That’s Life..
Leran to live and live to learn..

If things r happening

If things r happening
according to ur wish,
u r lucky!
But if they r not,
u r very lucky,
Bcoz they r hapning
according to God's wish!

One Of The Best Moments In Life

One Of The Best Moments In Life Is Wen,
“U See Ur Yellow Rose Turning Red Rose”,
Hard 2 Understand????
So Read Again..
“Your friend turns into your love”

Marriage iz like a public

Marriage iz like a public 2ilet
Those waiting outside are desperate 2 get in
Those inside are desperate 2 come out..