Ramadan Messages

Ramadan Messages

SIMPLE and SMALL Commitments

SIMPLE and SMALL Commitments for Ramzan
1. Think before speaking – to avoid lie
2. Don’t see movies for time passing – Read sentence wise Translation of Holy Quran
3. Don’t waste Dua time by opening TV before Iftaar – It’s time for acceptance of Dua. Plz remembr me.
4. Avoid anger cum conflict with people – remember you are fasting
May Allah enable us to earn RAMZAN benefits! Aameen!

Fasting is n0t ab0ut

Assalam o Alaikum
Fasting is n0t ab0ut diet 0f burning cal0ries,
burning 0f pride, eg0 and sins.

Tasbeh 4 Ramazan

Assalam o Alaikum (wa rahmatullah)
Tasbeh 4 Ramazan:
1st Ashra:
ياحي ياقيوم برحمتك استغيث
2nd Ashra:
استغفر الله ربي من كل ذنب واتوب اليه
3rd Ashra:
الهم اجرني من النار
Shabbir Hussain

Ramadan Mubarak

Ramadan Mubarak!!

In this Holy Month, May u b bless with Health, Prosperity and may Allah blessings always shine upon U :)

Remember me in your prayers.



May dis Ramadan bring in u da

May dis Ramadan bring in u da most brightest
& choicest happiness & love u have ever wished 4
May da festival of lights brighten up yours & your near & dear ones lives.

ALLAH PAK aap per aur aap ki family

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Es Mukaddas Mahine k sadkay

ALLAH PAK aap per aur aap ki family per apna khas Reham o Karam farmaey."AAMEEN"

Rozay Raakho Allah sy daaro

R Rozay Raakho
A Allah sy daaro
M Masjid jaoo
Z Zakat Doo
A Aamaal achay kro
N Namaz prdho

& mujhy dua main yaad rakho

Welcome Ramadan

Welcome Ramadan.
Wilk hmbly.
Talk politely.
Dress neatly.
Treat kindly.
Pray attentively.
Donate generously.
May Allah Bless & Protect u.